Freadm. Keep yourself informed.

Aggregate all sources in one.

New level of information

  • Different kinds of sources

    Actual information can be obtained from various sources: sites, blogs, youtube, social networks. Keep updated.
  • Simpler than ever

    You can either set up server, add rss feeds, modify reader and even lose your sense of reality or you can just add link to Freadm and get the result.
  • Importance of speed

    Frequent updates. Don't wait for a weekly digest, get news instantly after being published. And share it with friends.
  • One news feed for everything

    Your personal information aggregator. Algorithmic preview of articles for quick look and full version for thoughtful reading.

Save and share the most useful information

Manage the news and find the most interesting articles. Save data in a click. Share your news feed with your friends and they won't miss a thing.
  • Those who can be trusted

    Subscribe to friend's or expert's collections, their recommendation will always be more interesting than complicated algorithms.
  • Make your own feed

    Create your unique collection on any topic. Or just save articles for yourself and your friends.

Beta is coming

Freadm Next

  • Mobile apps
  • Improved news feed and preview
  • Colorful and customizable channels
  • More deep lore for you!